Sometimes the business world can seem daunting. The day to day tasks start to drain our energy and enthusiasm. It helps to remind ourselves that we’re not alone. There are other entrepreneurs out there with us, in the trenches, slugging it out make their business dreams come true. These are the top 5 podcasts that keep me going and remind me that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

  1. The Nights & Weekends Podcast

    This podcast follows two entrepreneurs as they start their businesses in their spare time, as the name suggests, at night and on the weekends. The hosts are Craig Hewitt and Ken Wallace.
    These guys have been at this quite a while and both now run successful business and we got to go along for the ride. I might even start at the beginning just to follow the progression and the ups/downs along the way.

  2. MegaMaker

    Justin Jackson is the solo host of MegaMaker. Justin made a deal with his wife to give him one year to try to work for himself. He’s one ambitious dude and set a goal to create 100 new things in his first year. Not all of the products are digital and I’m not sure I could fragment myself into so many directions but it is fun to listen to. He’s the author of several books on marketing and puts a lot of effort into the production value of the podcast. It’s definitely worth a listen, I’d recommend going back to the beginning of this one. The show is weekly and is split up into 10 episode seasons.

  3. Entreprogrammers Podcast

    If you’re not familiar with Entreprogrammers, it follows a bit different style than most business podcasts. The hosts, Derick Bailey, Charles Max Wood, John Sonmez and Josh Earl meet weekly for about 2 hours and basically have a strategy session where they discuss the problems in their businesses as well as their upcoming projects. It is pretty long and can sometimes get off topic but you get a glimpse of 3 different types of online businesses and the struggles they encounter.

  4. Mixergy

    Mixergy is a new classic and it’s probably already on your list. Host Andrew Warner interviews the founders and entrepreneurs who have successfully started and run big internet businesses and asks them how they did it. It’s a fun format and it’s been around long enough that the production value is great, the research put into each episode really ensures that the interviews are going to be thoughtful and relevant. Warner also isn’t afraid to ask tough questions and try to get real concrete numbers from the guests regarding revenues and net proceeds from sales of their businesses. There are over 1000 episodes of Mixergy so I’d just subscribe and listen as they come out unless there’s a specific interviewee you’re interested in hearing.

  5. Startups For the Rest of Us

    Rob Walling and Mike Taber have been at this a long time. Rob recently sold his company Drip to Lead Pages and it’s like his fourth or fifth startup. Mike also runs a successful business. These guys strive to give a small amount of actionable information each week and the content is generally great.

Although I probably follow about 10 podcasts, those five I listen to consistently and really feel like they provide consistently good value. A little inspiration goes a long way, don’t over indulge and forget to ship your own product!

If I’m missing out on a great podcast you think I’d enjoy drop me an email: