The general rule of thumb in website design is that your website has a lifecycle of about 2-3 years. But why? My business is in Cheyenne, Wyoming. My customers don’t care about great web design right? What makes it worth while to spend money every couple years to update my website?

First let’s discuss why a website design ages at all. Design and aesthetic are pretty fluid in the eyes of consumers. Look at the web sites you were using 3-4 years ago and compare them to the experience you’ve come to expect today. There has been a trend to more compact designs, single page layouts that scroll to display information rather than an interconnected web of pages.

Design has become more “flat” and animation and shadow effect have become more simplified and targeted to make it easier to determine the function of a website rather than just to dress up the appearance. Layouts that used to be constructed in rigid grids now are much more fluid and are designed from the beginning to look great no matter what size screen the site is viewed on.

What if I don’t even sell products online?

It doesn’t matter if your business sells products or services online. Most consumers now find what they’re looking for by first searching the internet and more specifically google. This has made the Google search ranking pretty important in attracting new customers, but how long will someone stay on your page if you don’t make a really great first impression?

There’s been a ton of research on just that question and the data varies, but it’s generally accepted that you have less than 30 seconds to make a great impression, many of the studies suggest it’s more like 15 seconds. After that your customer moves on and you’ve lost a potential sale.

The credibility of your business is also closely related to the design of your site. If your site looks old fashioned or there hasn’t been any new content updates in the last 3 years there’s a good chance in the eyes of your customer that your business itself is aging and not necessarily in a good way.

Current design and continuing to appear relevant is incredibly important in attracting new business.

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